And yet so little on this blog.

Quick update just so I don’t forget stuff.

I’ve been to San Francisco from February to March and I have to say that it is the best city in the world – at least that’s the impression it left on me after a month of living there. I surfed, met and lived with super cool people (Bellabeat, codeanywhere, Povio Labs), enjoyed delicious foods from all around the world (thanks to Rok) and beers (thanks to Uros). I also visited Palo Alto and Stanford with Jaka and Tomaz. I did tons of other stuff as well – it was such an amazing experience, pinky promise!

I’ve seen The War of the Worlds by Jeff Wayne in London in February, which was totally amazing!

I quit my job at Dinit in February.

I went to the TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon in London with my buddy Vito. Even though we didn’t win (we got the consolation prize though – two tickets for the TC event there, which weren’t cheap), we got to see that despite there being around 700 participants, not a lot of them were devs (and not a lot of them seemed to know what they were doing.) Slovenians won of course, because we always win.

If I wrote more it wouldn’t be a quick update so I’m just going to stop for now 🙂

I was at Microsoft’s //publish/ event in Brežice this weekend, along with Vito and Nejc, trying to beat the competition with Vito’s application called Simplicy.

Simplicy is a simple music player (soon available for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8), collecting music from around the net (featuring about 50 million songs) and giving users the possibility create their very own playlist with nothing but a few clicks.

You might be wondering what’s special here, right? Let me tell you.

The great thing about this application is that despite having a really simple interface there is no need to create an account or log in, to create or save your playlist. For free.

And what’s even cooler: it learns what music you like and shapes the results accordingly. You know how Windows Phone is “The Smartphone Reinvented Around You”? Simplicy is the same, but for music.

In just two days (with very little sleepy times) we managed to develop a beautiful cross-platform app and publish it to both Windows and Windows Phone stores.

And I’m really proud about the fact that we won (like bosses) in the cross-platform application category!


I’m excited.

I can finally say what it is I do at my job: I am now one of the first Application Developers in the company I work for.

It’s nice to know where my place is and what I actually do, as until now I did whatever people threw my way (was always computer related stuff though, lately a lot of SharePoint hacking, writing functional specifications, performing tests on application updates etc).

This is also my first job as a developer. I think I’m a little scared as I never worked in a team of developers before, and always ran solo.

Let’s just hope I’ll be useful here. I’m sure I will learn a lot from the team and I’m definitely looking forward to it!

Pics later, nobody cares anyway.

And I’ve been back for a while now!

I actually missed my flight but caught one the day after, so everything went better than expected.

I spent a whole lot more than I wished to (the two-way train from Cambridge to London costs £45 and I had to book a new flight which amounted to approximately 100€).

Had to go to London to the embassy, where I got a temporary passport valid for a limited time only, which brought me back home safely.

No posts for a while because I’m lazy again!

Quick update though:
– I started working on a couple of new projects, one of which is my CV.
– I redesigned my url eater, Waka. Feel free to use it!

More soon, as I am about to start coding my first iOS app (which might end up being a HTML5+CSS3+JS game compiled with PhoneGap or sth).