And I’ve been back for a while now!

I actually missed my flight but caught one the day after, so everything went better than expected.

I spent a whole lot more than I wished to (the two-way train from Cambridge to London costs £45 and I had to book a new flight which amounted to approximately 100€).

Had to go to London to the embassy, where I got a temporary passport valid for a limited time only, which brought me back home safely.

No posts for a while because I’m lazy again!

Quick update though:
– I started working on a couple of new projects, one of which is my CV.
– I redesigned my url eater, Waka. Feel free to use it!

More soon, as I am about to start coding my first iOS app (which might end up being a HTML5+CSS3+JS game compiled with PhoneGap or sth).

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